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The market for products without sugar,  thanks of higher demand by consumers it has had a marked expansion and the trend is increasing . The offer has been developed in all areas by SZ: beverages , products of breakfast (biscuits and pastries ) , chocolate and so on to the entire food industry.

The producer ( CEAN ) Ltd with its brand " SZ " has always played a pioneering role , " inventing " and developing this market in Italy since 1989 , the year of his birth , earning a solid credibility as a Company specialized in this specific field .

Depending on the continuing growth in demand and the expansion of the market , CEAN a few years ago has created a new production facility of 7,000 square meters on the outskirts of Milan with systems and technologies.
The products " SZ " , present in all the most important large-scale distribution , are increased in number over the years and types , covering the various moments of consumation and seasonality (from breakfast to snacks , from soft drinks to the chocolate bars, currently reaching 27 references.

CEAN , always attentive to the study of innovative and cutting-edge in terms salutariness , recently developed in collaboration with the Institute of nutraceutical and Welfare of the ' University of Pavia, the new line "Nutriceutica" with low glycemic index , the strong and enhanced nutritional characteristics .