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Nutrifree is a young and innovative , the frankness of Tuscany and who since birth brings a breath of fresh air in the market by offering an assortment of gluten-free bread , bakery , cakes, flour and many other specialties , thus developing an offer that has expanded and improved over the years , thus increasing the choice available to all those living with celiac disease.

Nutrifree is the bearer of a new concept of gluten-free foods : new and good products , made of tasty ingredients and genuine in every respect, not only gluten-free . This will offer products really unique and quality led the company in 2007 to take a step further : adopt a factory for the production of internal and exclusive brand products Nutrifree .

Consistent with the goals and values pursued Quality Nutrifree means :

Goodness of raw materials
The products must be healthy and not just gluten-free , so in addition to the absence of ingredients containing gluten, Nutrifree products are made from raw materials of high quality, rigorously excluding GMOs, hydrogenated fats , dyes , additives and aroma chemicals.

Safety of production processes
Quality Nutrifree means the absence of contamination. The certainty of delivering secure products passes through the exclusivity of the production certificate from the Ministry of Health, the constant control of the supply chain and multiple analyzes of raw materials and finished products.

Originality of the proposals
Since the inception of the brand Nutrifree wanted to sign new products , carriers of flavors and innovative elements to the scene of gluten-free , such as the pre-baked homemade bread . Quality also means Nutrifree not stop at the same proposals to develop practical ideas but always looking products and starting right from the classic flavors of our tradition.

Understanding and meeting the needs of those who use the products without gluten
Another basic component of the Quality Nutrifree is communication. Communication understood first of all as listening to the needs and suggestions for the recipients of the products; secondly as clarity and honesty in every information given and , finally, as building relationships of trust and mutual growth between the Company realities that surround it.

Quality Nutrifree is the result of precise choices , actually capable of turning power without gluten in gluten-free well-being .